Ethical, Safe, and Secure Marketing Strategies

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Acceptthe Truth

There will always be advanced costs associated with selling. Protect yourself with a guarantee.


We quickly review your case to determine if your property is marketable and qualifies for acceptance.


You stay in complete control when offers are presented! Only you will determine the selling price.

Our Mission

Timeshare Hope, LLC dedicates itself to assisting clients with their unwanted timeshares. We pride ourselves on our superior service and focus on ethical options for distressed owners. Owners that realize that the timeshare maze is an endless cycle of maintenance fees, special assessments, broken promises, and headaches, truly need our help. Our goal is simple. To provide HOPE for a safe, secure, legal and affordable way to market and sell your timeshare and vacation property contract fast.

The Truth About Successfully Selling a Timeshare

The truth about timeshare resale is straight forward and a matter of common sense. In order to sell your timeshare for anything of value, you have to think like the successful resorts and developers. You MUST get your product in front of frequent travelers that will benefit from timeshare or vacation club ownership.

The resorts spend millions of dollars UPFRONT annually promoting what they offer. They realize that in order to sell their inventory, they have to pay in advance for marketing and advertising. Resorts purchase television, radio, and internet ads to sell discount vacations to the public. They often use third party marketing companies like Triptastic Tours to entice people into their presentations to get them hooked during their infamous 90-120 minute presentations. Millions of dollars are also spent on incentives such as theme park tickets and cruise certificates to generate interest in their properties. A timeshare sale on the retail side simply comes down to a numbers game. If they get enough people to listen to the sales presentation, they will sell their inventory. That's it!

As an owner who has already purchased a timeshare and no longer has use for it, what should you do? The answer is simple! DUPLICATE THE RESORT'S SUCCESSFUL SALES FORMULA! Do not try to reinvent the wheel. Nobody has the time or patience for that, do you? Now here's the secret... Just like in any other business, you must be willing to undercut the competition, and not by just a little bit, but agressively. You want to be the reasonably priced option for a potential new owner. Just think, if you were given the opportunity to purchase direct from an owner at a discount or pay full price at the resort, what would you have chosen? Most sensible people understand the value of purchasing resale and want the discount.

Timeshare Hope, LLC is here to assist owners that understand these concepts and are willing to duplicate the sales formula of the resorts! We will get your property in front of thousands of frequent travelers! These are the same potential buyers that the resorts are trying to sell to at retail price! We are ready to assist with marketing and advertising that YOU CAN TRUST and has been PROVEN to work! All you have to do is take the first step and we will handle the rest!

Step One: Consult With a Timeshare Hope Client Specialist - We will determine if your property meets the standards for resale and that if you as a client are truly ready to be rid of your vacation ownership for good.

Step Two: Review Our Marketing Agreement - Your Client Specialist will answer any questions you may have and show you our program guarantees in writing.

Step Three: Register Your Property - Decide on an asking sales price that will attract potential buyers, pay your service fee, and return your signed agreement.

Step Four: Seriously Consider Offers - Most offers are good for 48 hours, so please be ready to respond as quickly as possible to an offer request.

Recent Reviews

Great Customer Service!
I must admit that we were a little skeptical in the beginning, but your company has exceeded our expectations! Your customer service representative was so helpful and courteous throughout our time with you! We were pleasantly surprised at how quickly you scheduled a preview booking for our week! We can't thank you enough!
---- Charles S.
So excited!
Our experience had been troubling trying to sell our property through online listing companies. We were impressed that Timeshare Hope did not use their website to sell properties and decided to give them a chance to help us. Our timeshare was booked for a preview in an impressive timeframe and we are looking forward to accepting an offer soon! Thank you for staying in touch and explaining all the steps to us!
---- Michael and Cate R.
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